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Fly from the UK to Japan and enjoy a 3 night stay in the Capital City of Tokyo. After your stay you will board the highly-rated Norwegian Jewel for this excellent 10 night all inclusive cruise taking in some fantastic ports in Japan and Korea - a serious bucket-list destination to tick off! End your cruise in Seoul with a 2 night hotel stay before flying home.

Includes premium all inclusive drinks and speciality dining package. + Wifi package and discount excursions for a limited time. 

Day Port of Call Summary Arrival Time Departure Time
1 Tokyo Lights, sushi, manga! Sprawling, frenetic, and endlessly fascinating, Japan’s capital is a city of contrasts. Shrines and gardens are pockets of calm between famously crowded streets and soaring office buildings. Mom-and-pop noodle houses share street space with Western-style chain restaurants and exquisite fine dining. Shopping yields lovely folk arts as well as the newest electronics. And nightlife kicks off with karaoke or sake and continues with techno clubs and more. Whether you seek the traditional or the cutting edge, Tokyo will provide it. 00:00 19:00
2 Shimizu The salt and pepper cone of Japan's most famous natural landmark won’t fail to take your breath away, as it soars into the sky in a vision of spectacular symmetry. Make sure your camera is fully prepared before you dock in Shimizu’s port, where unparalleled views of the extraordinary Mount Fuji’s dramatic peak await. Take your time to soak up one of Japan's most iconic views, before dipping your toes into the rest of what this destination of tranquil temples has to offer. While there’s a bustling fish market, and a charming amusement park waiting close to the port, most new arrivals immediately set off in pursuit of the best views of Mount Fuji, or to see the stunning panorama on offer from the heights of the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine. Take the cable car up to the top, to experience the tranquillity around the forested shrine, and to enjoy its stunning architecture of deep scarlets and gleaming golds. You can also enjoy heart-stopping views out over the Bay of Suruga, and the tea plantations below. 07:00 18:00
3 Nagoya 08:00 17:00
4 Kyoto 08:00 00:00
5 Kyoto 00:00 17:00
7 Naha, Okinawa 08:00 17:00
8 Naze, Amani Oshima 07:00 17:30
9 Nagasaki Nagasaki city has developed into one of the most important port cities in Japan. During Japan’s period of isolation in the 17th century, Nagasaki played a prominent role in foreign trade relation and only a very few ports were open to restricted numbers of foreign traders. Even though Holland was a major country who conducted trading during this period, Dutch people were only allowed to stay in Dejima Island and were not allowed to have contact with the Japanese people. Today, you will still find the strong influence of Dutch and Chinese culture in the city which is very different from all other cities in Japan. In the more recent history, Nagasaki became the second city after Hiroshima to be destroyed by an atomic bomb towards the end of World War II. From the visit to Atomic bomb museum and peace memorial park, people could understand how chaotic the situation was and the agony that the people in the days have experienced from the damage inflicted by the atomic bomb. It continues to appeal to the world with their wish for world peace. 08:30 17:00
10 Jeju Island 06:00 14:00
11 Incheon 07:00 00:00

Itinerary may be subject to change.